However, there are people think it is necessary for the nonresident students and
international students to pay more tuition because they need extra service. In Redden’s article, she
claims that “Some universities charge more tuition from the international students because they
need to provide the extra service to them, such as opt. International students may face additional
costs in providing adequate academic support and other service to a population of nonnative
English speakers.” Although the extra service is provided to the international students, but this
should not be the reason for them to pay triple times tuition than the resident student in the United
States. Redden also mentions that “But not all the revenue raised from these differential tuition
rates is directed toward these support services.” Provide the opt service is not a strong reason for
the international students to pay almost triple times extra tuitions than the resident students.
Some people think nonresident students should pay more tuition since they are using and
sharing the same resources and opportunities with resident students. For example, students from
other state come to San Jose, California to study computer science at San Jose State University.
After they graduate, they could easily find jobs related to computer sciences in companies that
located in Silicon Valley. The nonresident students are snatching the resources and opportunities
of jobs. However, it still should not be the reasons for the non-resident students to pay higher
education since they get the same salary in the companies, and they get the job due to their
capabilities. This should not be the reasons for the non-resident students to be used as cash cow to
make revenue and profit for the universities and colleges.
Overall, nonresident students have been used as cash cows to make profit and revenues for
the universities and colleges. This situation has lead to a lot of problems such as population decline,
and educational demand decline today. It is also unfair for the nonresident students to be used for
making profits and revenues for the universities and colleges since they get the same education
and most services with the resident students. One of the best ways to help reducing the problem of
college population decline and reduce the educational demand decline is to lower the nonresident
tuition. In one word, universities and colleges should lower the nonresident student tuition fee and
stop using nonresidents students to make profits and revenues.


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