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Follow the direction : Assignment 5:Reflection on Economic Inequality

Write a one-two paragraph reflection on the activity below.You must include in your reflection the following:

Summary of the content. (5 points)
Your interpretation and/or what you learned from the content. (5 points)
The content’s relevancy or non-relevancy to diversity and cultural matters today. (5 points)
Relate information from our class textbook to the Content. Clearly state the class content, the chapter and page number, and how it is related to the activity. (5 points)
Provide candid dialogue about the overall content and presented question. (5 points)
Proofread, then proofread, and then repeat proofreading your presentation!
1 -point deduction per every grammatical errors.
If you do not know what a word means then look it up before you use it.
Explore, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies. Besides the shifting trends in overall economic disparity, what role does race have, and what about wealth as well?

The book is Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence by Mikel Hogan


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