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Complete the 2 worksheets and then do this assignment:

Choose one of the short stories you read in this course (Rudolfo A. Anaya’s essay, “A Celebration of Grandfathers or Single Room, Earth View,” by Sally Ride or Desiderata by Elizabeth McCracken). Consider the elements of a short story you learned about in unit 1 (plot, climax, resolution, conflict, characterization, setting, mood).

Please respond to the following questions in two separate paragraphs of 4-8 sentences each:

(1) What is the author’s purpose and theme? (Theme= what the author is trying to tell you about people or about life) Be sure to support with short quotes from the text in support of your points. (Be sure your quotes are in quotation marks.)

(2) What main story elements (plot, climax, resolution, conflict, characterization, setting, mood) does the author use to achieve the purpose and theme?


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