Institutional racism:

  • consequences
  • three factors of a person’s participation in institutional racism

African Americans:

  • the main reason for the enslavement period of Africans in the US
  • the Middle Passage period for African Slaves
  • the impact of Black businesses during post enslavement
  • challenges African American males are faced with in the US
  • certain way African Americans are perceived in the US that impacts their self identity and feelings of belongingness
  • impact of stress and poverty on African Americans
  • chapter 13 Hacker’s (1992) discussion of economic disparity between African Americans and White Americans


  • treatment of others based on their socioeconomic status
  • group reduced to socioeconomic status and income due to migrating to the US

South Asian Indians:

  • caste system
  • South Asian Indians in America who are non professionals are likely to experience several issues while here in the US
  • rate of advance degrees
  • field of employment for newer generation
  • impact of socioeconomic status when coming to the US
  • purpose of educating their daughters

Asian Americans:

  • compare socioeconomic status of Asian Americans to White Americans
  • unemployment rate and poverty in the US

Native Americans:

  • result of the Relocation Act of 1940
  • major financial issue when owning a restaurant on the reservation
  • trauma remaining unhealed due to what reason
  • challenges faced today along with economic hardship

Rofogel, Marcus and Larson article:

  • Jewish community poverty line
  • poverty line of elderly Russian speaking Jewish people

Gradin’s article:

  • know the contributing factors of poverty among African Americans
  • significance of geographical location and poverty

Executive Summary on Jewish poverty:

  • relationship between education and poverty
  • city with the largest amount of Jewish people in New York

Bray and Balkin‘s article:

  • the causes of poverty based on the beliefs of the Master’s level students from the study
  • the individualistic theory
  • group that believes structural/situational theory less likely contributes to poverty





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