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Problem-solving practicum essay for around 25 pages! and formal deep outline to it
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7 days ago
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Problem-solving practicum essay


Deep thoughts and APA 6th format,GREAT GRAMMAR!

i would like you to write a problem solving essay on something about getting us citizenship (naturalized )and problem about it ( it can be that a lot of people do not know english well but still getting us passport. the citizenship test its too easy.you also need to find 3 ways to solve this problem,choose 1 and explain why)

please help me with the name of topic,essay and outline to essay

also the structure of essay is must be this way:


1)identify and discuss the problem or issues to talk about (5-6 pages) (about getting us naturalized citizenship problem ,test is too easy on English language part people with no language can memorize answers and easily pass it)

2)3 ways of solving this problem(i mean alternative solutions 3 options)(10 pages) (for ex. change test questions every year, add more oral interviews,every time change structure of the interview or before getting us citizenship requirement can be to pass esl classes at city colleges of chicago.so people do not know what to expect because people retelling to each other so even do not know english well they can memorize and pass tests)

3)choose one way of solving to your opinion what is the best to solve the problem and why.( ex. requirement to pass esl course so person who apply for citizenship know english well.


APA format,good grammar,deep own work


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