Political Research Paper #4

The Issue: To research, and discover credible reliable information and be able to ascertain the truth and not be manipulated or persuaded without being educated.

Research: Research ALL the following sections. Please refer to the syllabus for all requirements, formats, and due date.

Analysis: Please research, site examples and analyze all sections by using multiple political sources from different political perspectives. The more thorough the research paper, the better chance of receiving a higher grade.

Using s

  1. Discuss one Civil Liberty and make an argument for its Constitutional protection

  2. Discuss the History of Civil Rights starting with the congressional votes for and against.

  3. Discuss the following Political Issues sources from both sides.

a. Mandatory vaccines

b. Discuss. Should a person, entity, agency or government be able to control, alter of forbid a U.S. citizen from their Constitutional rights?

Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.

Political Research Papers:

The Political Research Papers fulfill the University research requirement and may include but is not limited to research of; The Federal Reserve, Czars, executive orders, U.S. Debt, political issues, politicians, voting records, media bias, conducting polls, observing Congressional hearings, discussing civil liberties and understanding the historical accuracy behind the constitution of the United States. Students must write their entire papers. Do not copy, paste and merely site. Do not site another person’s paper. The only thing that should come up in Turn it in as plagiarized is the website or info used to conduct research. Do not quote definitions as part of your writing. If used, Quotes must be approved by the instructor. This is analytical writing/discussion, based on research conducted. It is suggested that correct headings or numbers are identifiable on each assignment. Research is worth a large % of the total grade. Assignments are due in class and on blackboard, on the first class after the exam date and will not be accepted late. 5 minutes past due day and time, is late. The research papers must be a minimum of 3 pages single spaced, college caliber with references listed in MLA format. Assignments are not accepted via email.

Written Evaluation of Political Research Paper: This is an analytical research paper. Research assignments, written papers, briefs and general essay papers or exams must display correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Analytical reasoning must be effective and founded in credible, accurate information. A paper, brief, argument, essay or exam that is false in application of the law or politics and instead is full of general opinions that are not supported by accurate credible evidence, will receive an F/0/ no points received/ no credit. Each research assignment needs to be complete, at least 3 pages in length per writing, single spaced, college caliber, to receive credit. MLA format is required in citing sources or websites must be sited. Any paper that has been plagiarized, wholly or in part, will receive a score of zero, with NO option for rewriting.

The following criteria describe the expectations associated with each grade:

A: The work exceeds the minimum requirements in many significant ways. An A is reserved for excellent and superior analysis of political issues, credible information, references are strong, and grammar is college caliber.

B: The work exceeds some requirements. Lacks proficient grammar, political analysis, and information is lacking in analytical reasoning and poor use of sources.

C: The work meets the minimum requirements for acceptable completion of the assignments. You have performed at an acceptable level.

D: The work falls short of minimum requirements. Grammar and analysis are poor quality.

F: The work fails to meet requirements in many ways.


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