-Outline the structure of the essay in the introduction. (first paragraph)

-Clearly expressed your argument at the beginning

-Start with a clear and concise topic sentence in the first sentence of each paragraph

-Evaluate each side of the argument, don’t just summarized them.

-Focus on the strongest reasons and discuss them in detail. After that, you should probably say why one is much stronger than another, and show how you got to the conclusion /how you make the overall judgement

-A conclusion that restate and readdress the thesis with evidence provided

-Read the question carefully, make sure you understand it, and focus on engaging with it directly


Answer one of the following:


  1. Is human free will incompatible with God’s foreknowledge?


  1. What are the main objections to Cartesian (substance) Dualism? Can they be replied to?


  1. What is Animalism? Is it defensible?


  1. Outline and critique the reasoning of one of the three classic articles on personal identity (either Dennett, Nozick, or Williams).


Dennett Where Am I?

Williams: Self and the future


Further Reading: Chapter 2 of B Garrett What is this thing called Metaphysics (Routledge 3rd ed 2017).


It should be 2000 words.


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