Counselling is a psychoanalytical psychotherapy method commonly employed in psychotic patients. Psychoanalytical methods, which promoted by Sigmund Freud has been adopted since they have been proven biologically to alter the brain functions hence leading to treatment of the brain function. Having been proven as potent methods of treatment of psychotic cases, psychoanalytical methods such as counselling therapy have been legally and ethically accepted as an applicable method of treatment. However, different communities and societies having different views on psychotherapy. While some of the methods are widely accepted in some communities, they are seldom used in some. A trained professional should, however, conduct the counselling therapy to realize the treatment goal of a psychotic case including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The trained counsellor is however legally and ethically expected to completely seal the confidentiality of the patient and ensure that their counselling work is geared towards positive change to the patient.


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