1. Perception of respect by full-time employees and management
    The response to this question regarding whether part-time employees feel respected in their
    workplace was a staggering 90 percent to the negative. Some respondents added comments to
    their surveys, with the general consensus being that full-time employees and management have
    no concern for the skills and ideas that part-timers can bring to the organisation, but are much
    more concerned with task delegation.
    That due attention and respect is not being paid to part-time staff is highly demonstrative of the
    lowered self-esteem and motivation of part-timers in the workplace, and should concern
    management as it is unlikely that employees with such sentiments would be performing to the
    best of their ability.
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    MMH356 Case Study Final Report
  2. Managerial consultation
    74 percent of responses indicated that part-time employees feel left out of most issues that arise
    in their organisation, with the other 26 percent stating that they were sometimes consulted when
    different events arose. Again, many respondents added comments to their survey, stating that
    they were often not informed of any new or amended sales or promotions that were occurring in
    their store due to a lack of communication between management and part-time employees.
  3. Involvement in decision-making
    When asked if they were actively involved in decision-making processes, 64 percent of
    respondents answered ‘no’. Additional comments indicated that part-time employees felt as
    though management believes they are ill-equipped to be involved in decision making as they are
    not in the workplace as frequently as full-time employees.
    The other 36 percent of respondents who indicated that they are sometimes involved in decisionmaking
    also included that they are generally not initially included in discussions, or that their
    opinion was asked for after decisions had been made and implemented.
    B. Key issues
    This survey resulted in a variety of answers, however it also indicates that the key issues
    surrounding part-time and casual workers are whether they are appropriately valued and
    respected by management and full-time staff, and the level of impact and contribution they can
    have within an organisation.
    There are many benefits of having a part-time job, and these benefits are different for each
    person, depending on the situation their age and life situation. These benefits may however, be
    overshadowed by certain problems that can cause job dissatisfaction whilst undertaking this parttime
    Such problems include part-time employees not feeling valued, lack of workstations or offices and
    mailboxes for employees, lack of consultation and decision-making privileges, the inability to keep
    part-time employees informed and involved and not identifying the overall benefits of having a
    good part-time employee relationship.


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