Engage studios in mutually-beneficial partnership arrangements.

Engage studios in mutually-beneficial partnership arrangements. While delivery
channels are emerging and evolving, studios are taking steps to recover lost DVD
sales and to react to the success and power of VOD providers. Even though they
still rely on exhibitors to deliver their product, their strategic decisions to
accelerate and maximise returns often have negative consequences for theatre
owners. Exhibitor energies should seek to build stronger relationships with studios
to identify opportunities for mutual success. Where studio actions are
incompatible with (early DVD releases) or costly for (conversion to digital
projection) theatres, arrangements must be closely managed to ensure viability for
the exhibition stage of the motion picture industry.
 Cater to semi-frequent and frequent movie goers. To deliver the ‘experience’ being
sought by their core audience and to increase attendance of tentative patrons,
theatres need to overcome the declining value proposition and initiate customer
outreach efforts. This involves focusing on quality measures and deepening the
richness and affiliation of customer relationships


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