Sustainable development in East China

Possible Topics

Please note that the topics below are only some suggestions to get you going. There are a lot of

other possibilities and you can choose anything that interests you. Make sure it relates to a specific


1) China’s population aging

2) China’s One-child Policy and its consequences

3) Developing sustainable tourism in Western China

4) China’s “missing girls”

5) Huang He: China’s Sorrow

6) Rural to urban migration (floating population) in China


7) Sustainable development in East China

8) China’s “One Country, Two System” principle

9) China – US trade

10) Buddhism in China

11) Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in coastal China

12) The impact of the Olympics on China

13) China’s growing role in Africa

14) The development of Hsinchu – Taiwan’s Silicon Valley

15) The problem of desertification in Nei Mongol


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