Legal Environment of Business

Legal Environment of Business


· Answer each with a well-developed essay.

· NO internet sources

· Use ONLY Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice, 2nd Edition (McGraw-Hill Higher Education). Text ONLY! Use proper APA citation.


  1. A North Carolina regulation prohibits the placement of telephone booths within public rights-of- way. Despite this regulation, GTE, Inc., placed a booth in the right-of-way near an intersection. Ann, a pedestrian was using the booth when an accident at the intersection caused a dump truck to cross the intersection and smash into the booth causing severe injury to Ann. Discuss Ann’s rights.

  1. Ann went to her bank, FSB, to cash a check made out to her by SB, Inc. Bob, a bank employee, suspected that the check was counterfeit. He called SB, Inc. and was told that the check was not valid. As he phoned the police, Dave, a security officer, again checked with SB, Inc. and was told that their earlier statement was erroneous and that the check was valid. Meanwhile, a police officer drew Ann away, patted her down, placed her in handcuffs, searched her purse and arrested her. Discuss Ann’s rights and liabilities.


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