Here are some points that may help you analyze your company’s competitive situation as you write your

SWOT memo : • Outline how your company competes (what is its value proposition), its brand

image, and the industries/markets/segments in which it competes. Be precise: a Toyota or even an Audi

is not a BMW, which is still not a Porsche or a Mercedes-Benz; a Corona is neither a Budweiser nor an

Anchor Steam. These differences matter in business. Even single sector businesses have other product

segments or industry presences. Go beyond consumer image and discuss their competitive differences.

Present them specifically for the reader. You need to know your company.

• What are the explicit visions, strategies, and goals of the overall company and its units? What

do they mean? What is your company doing to realize them?

• What are the overall trends in the industry or consumer demand and how does it specifically

impact your company? Do not forget materials costs, currency fluctuations, financial issues,

etc. We will have an environmental analysis due later, but the first memo should at least

identify them.


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