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PLEASE follow this instructions. i also attached my ideal proposal. Learning Outcomes " develop a thesis statement regarding one or more historical works of art created after 1945 that poses an interesting question and potentially develops a strong argument " create an annotated bibliography for a research paper in Chicago-Turabian that includes a diversity of sources and supports an argument regarding the works in question. Procedure 1. Create a thesis statement that poses a strong and valid question about the works that you plan to research. You should distill this down to approximately two sentences. You might revise or modify it before submitting your final paper, but it should be close to the focus of your research. 2. Include scaled images of the works you plan to study. Properly cite and caption your images in Chicago-Turabian Style. Include details about media and size. Describe the location if necessary for interpretation. 3. Identify a half-dozen sources including a minimum of two scholarly articles. Other sources can include: a. artists’ biography, Web pages, interviews, and statements b. contemporary news or review articles c. multimedia sources d. derivative works. 4. Cite your sources using Chicago-Turabian Style. Add one two sentences describing the source and its relevance to your research. 5. Format your annotated bibliography in Chicago-Turabian paper style with a cover page and page number starting on the first page. Edit and proofread your work before final submission.


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