1.         How do counties in Texas differ from cities in their powers, duties, and responsibilities, and which do you think has more advantages?

2.         Describe the types, functions, and challenges of special purpose districts in Texas. Who creates them? How are they created? What is their role?

3.         Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the budgetary process in Texas.

4.         Identify four types of taxes in Texas and the regressive aspects of the Texas tax system.

5.         How has Texas addressed the issue of poverty? How have national policies affected the state’s effort to address poverty?

6.         Explain some of the legal aspects of water policy in Texas, including the law of capture and important court decisions.

7.         One of the most controversial judicial issues in Texas is the death penalty. Explain some of the reasons for the controversy. How does race play a role in the controversy? What role does the court of criminal appeals play? What is the process by which clemencies are offered?

8.         The integrity of the Texas judicial system has been called into question many times. Explain what events have caused it to be called into question. Discuss the outcome of the situations and what the state of Texas is doing to combat future accusations.


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