roblem Solutions Matrix
Directions: You will use this matrix to record previous attempts to address the problem and proposed problem solutions. Complete the columns on the matrix as directed. For the “Previous Problem Solution/Proposed Problem Solution” column, include a detailed description of the solution, including the source of the solution. In the case of a previous solution, the source could be a manager interview, while the source for a proposed solution could be a link to an online reference article or resource. All other columns must rank the specified element as it relates to the solution using a 1, 3, or 5, with 5 being the highest ranking. Note that the “Customer Importance” column is weighted at twice the value of the other categories, since the impact of a solution on customers if of utmost importance. For example, if the solution was very important to the customer experience, it would earn a 5. If that same solution was only a 1 in efficiency and quality, then a 1 would be used in those two columns. If employees were somewhat satisfied with the solution and it was in the middle in terms of cost-effectiveness, then both of those columns would be ranked as a 3. When calculated, the overall solution score would be 18. This number could then be used to compare the solution to other solutions as a means of determining whether or not it should receive further consideration for implementation as a problem-solving strategy.
Customer Importance


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