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Locate at least two current articles from peer-reviewed literature to support your selected community needs assessment project. You will use these articles in the first discussion in this unit and for your final assignment.

U4D1 – Literature and Current Sources of Community Data

You have thought about the public sources of information about your action learning needs-based issue, but what about the literature and current stakeholder information?

Using the articles you located in this unit’s study, identify and briefly analyze two other current peer-reviewed sources of community data gathered from stakeholders that might influence (not support or detract—be objective) your project for this course. You will use this further in a discussion and a later assignment.


To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of programmed knowledge management to determine current action learning needs.

  2. Assess literature-based data gathering methods as one of the components of public needs assessments.

  3. Devise an action learning mechanism for gathering other sources of community data from stakeholders on the current state of community needs to support needs assessment projects.

  4. Apply action learning methods of systemic inquiry to develop assessment planning tools for systems changes to address community-based problems.

  5. Design effective action learning of needs assessment analysis to gain insight into new information not yet obvious on a public problem.


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