First, due to the massive development in technology, plastic surgery has been enabled to enhance patients’ confidence and even appearance. It consists of both nonsurgical and even surgical procedures that will at the end restructure the patients’ shape. Many may not know that cosmetic surgery is a very different procedure from plastic surgery but given the status, both concentrates their works on improving the appropriate candidate body to enhance appearance.

Secondly, despite the fact the general reason for conducting plastic surgery is to improve the candidate’s appearance. Our research shows that procedures involved in plastic surgery include; enhancing aesthetic appeal and enhancing candidate’s appearance, it should be known that the main goal when a surgeon is conducting plastic surgery is proportion to ensure that the organs are of the same size even after the surgery. Plastic surgery is mostly practiced by doctors who are from different medical fields including plastic surgeons.

Thirdly, Candidates who qualify for plastic surgery are those who have appositiveoutlook and even confidence about the procedures. Due to many factors like healing time, age, weight and attitude, individuals like obese and elderly are normally disqualified for surgeries. They say that people who engage themselves in jovial activities tend to have a very healing power in case of a cut unlike the dull and inactive counterparts. People should be aware that not all physical characteristics can be changed because some require intensive body cuts during surgery and many surgeons don’t advice since one many die during the procedure

Fourthly, Plastic surgery involves a lot of risks which are also complications. Our research shows that surgical complications are mostly dependent on the facility’s cleanliness and surgeon’s experience in the field. Surgeons say that when the procedure is large the risks and the exposed complications are even many and they need to be avoided. After a surgery a candidate is advised not to engage in smoking since it slow the healing process of the incisions and excises like walking and doing easy tasks in the house will really help in healing. Long procedures many lead to a lot of blood loss and blood may also clot leading to further complications.


Lastly, when the term cosmetic plastic surgery is mentioned people keep quiet and they listen carefully expecting you to mention an individual especially a celebrity and their facial appearance is not appealing. This is to mean in some countries it is obvious but to some it is termed as an abomination. Well people have views concerning either their experience or even intellectual understanding. Plastic surgery has come to this error for a reason understood by few and mistaken by many this is because the sole reason for coming up with the innovation of plastic surgery was to correct some critical birth disorders like trauma, facial of body burns and disorders due to diseases and they involved; breast reconstruction and congenital repairs which includes cleft palate.


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