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2 Page Lab Report for Anthropology

2 page lab report on Lab 1: Genes, Environment, & Phenotype

This lab will examine the complementary effects of genes and environment on phenotype. After an introduction to the roles that genes, physiology, and environment play in shaping behavioral and physical traits, students will develop hypotheses for the role of these factors in (1) height, (2) grip strength, and (3) limb proportions. Students will collect data on these traits both in and outside of the classroom, recording their height, parents’ heights, and the grip strengths and limb proportions (sitting height / standing height). Students will then analyze (1) the correlation and variance between their height and their parents’ heights, and (2) the distribution of grip strength, height, and limb proportions within a population (the class). Students will use these data to test and refine their hypotheses regarding the relative roles of genes, environment (e.g., nutrition, training), physiology (e.g., sex differences) on these traits, as well as recent local evolutionary pressures shaping human populations.

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