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Developing Professional Practice /2

Developing Professional Practice /2

hi … I need help in my 5DVP assignment for CIPD

I have a number of comments on the attached assignments and I need to amend the comments according to the aforementioned and with the required notes, these notes are from my tutor and I must review them so that I can get the grade for passing the course . Any change should have a red font so I can follow along with you. Also, please write the amendment or addition in the space provided for it and make a highlight . Taking into account the number of words , the plagiarism ( attached report for that after u finish ) , and changing the table of content and references according to the additional information that will be added

attached :

– original assigment to do correction or modifications.

google drive CIPD to watch Videos to explain assignments ( for more explanation ) ..

recourses for DVP

self assessment i took it for my self ( attached with CPD form )

google drive :

Comments are :

1.2 An excellent description of group dynamics using Tuckman & Belbin’s models. The brief also asks you to describe how to manage conflict & this is missing from this section – please can you add this in & you can also use a model such as Thomas Kilman to describe conflict management methods

2.2 This again is a very good description of the problem-solving techniques you have used however you need to evidence this – please can you add in what you have used in this project to demonstrate what you have used – thank you

Developmental Feedback:

3.2 A well-rounded development plan in line with your self-assessment – I would like to challenge you to make this a far more specific development plan as I think you will gain a lot of benefits from this – really think how you can achieve these things without any barriers – what can you do to achieve this…. ( modify DVP to be alighn with these comments )

3.3 fill CPD to be aligned with my modified DVP form

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