Non-Intervention / Non-Use of Force

Non-Intervention / Non-Use of Force

In this course, we discussed three case studies (2007 cyberattacks against Estonia, Stuxnet, and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election) involving different types of cyberattacks.
Using the country of Russia, select one of the three types of cyberattacks, apply it to your selected country, and research and address the following:
1. Explain the type of cyberattack you selected in the introduction section of your paper. Incorporate UN Charter 2(4) into your paper by explaining if the cyberattack violated UN Charter 2(4).
a. If yes, why and how?
b. If no, why not?
2. Explain how the cyberthreat actors would target your country.
3. Describe the impact of the cyberattack on your country.
a. Identify the critical infrastructure services and functions targeted by the cyberthreat actors.
b. Incorporate Floridi’s Information Philosophy as part of your paper.
4. Describe how your country responded and recovered from the cyberattack.
5. Explain how your country could have prevented this cyberattack. In this section, incorporate cyber deterrence as part of your paper.

  1. 1000-1200 words excluding cover page and references
  2. Use at least three references
  3. APA Formatting to include format, references, and in-text citations

APA is strictly enforced


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