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Gender And Family Assignment

Ch. 6 & 7 discuss the influence gender and family have on delinquency. In addition, you have read briefly about gender and the juvenile justice system.


After reading this chapter you should:

1. Be familiar with the changes in the female delinquency rate.

2. Understand the cognitive differences between males and females.

3. Be able to discuss the differences in socialization between boys and girls and how this may affect their behavior.

4. Understand the psychological differences between the sexes.

5. Be able to discuss the early work on gender, delinquency, and human traits.

6. Know the elements contemporary trait theorists view as the key to understanding gender differences, such as psychological makeup and hormonal differences.

7. Know how socialization is thought to affect delinquency rates.

8. Discuss the views of contemporary socialization theorists.

9. Know to what the term liberal feminism refers.

10. Discuss how critical feminists view female delinquency and describe Hagan’s power-control theory.

11. Be familiar with how the treatment girls receive by the juvenile justice system differs from the treatment of boys.


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Juvenile Delinquency: The Core COPYRIGHT © 2005 Wadsworth, a division of Thomson Learning, Inc

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper answering the following questions:

How does gender affect delinquency?

What are some current explanations for gender differences as they relate to delinquency?

How does family affect delinquency?

How does family makeup affect delinquency?

How does family behavior influence delinquency?

Are delinquent females treated differently than delinquent males by members of the juvenile justice system?

Are they treated unfairly?

Do they benefit from being female? Why or why not?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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