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Background Information

The input file for this assignment is weather.csv. It contains weekly weather data from 2016.


  • Using (renamed according to the instructions above) as a starting point, supply the missing functions such that interaction with a user could produce this sample transcript.
  • The function coldest_temperature should find the minimum temperature recorded in the file. It should print this temperature, the location where it was recorded and the date when it was recorded. Match the output format that appears in the sample transcript exactly. Note: If the minimal temperature reading occurs more than once, print out the information associated with its first occurrence.
  • The function average_temperature is passed a location (e.g. Miles City, MT) that the user supplies. The function prints the number of average temperatures recorded for this location, as well as the average of these temperatures. Match the output format in the sample transcript. You may assume that the user enters the location in a valid format (e.g. city name, comma, space, state).
  • The function all_stations_by_state is passed the state (e.g. Montana) that receives reporting data from stations. The function finds and prints in alphabetical order the reporting stations that send their data to this state. Match the output format in the sample transcript.
  • Study the Weather CSV Library and develop a function of your own that corresponds to menu option 4. The function should be interesting, non-trivial and not a simple variation of one of the other functions. Modify the menu and main functions as appropriate.

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