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we gonna work with Rich Heritage of Public Speaking


Rich Heritage of Public Speaking


  • To understand in brief the history of public speaking including the foundation of rhetoric.
  • Top Ten Greatest Speeches – Time Magazine, 2016




  • Use YouTube to look up and watch four of these speeches:
    • Plato’s Apology, 4th century B.C.
    • Patrick Henry’s 1775 Liberty or Death Speech
    • Fredrick Douglas Hypocrisy of American Slavery, 1852
    • Abraham Lincolns Gettysburg Address, 1863
    • Susan B. Anthony Women’s Rights to the Suffrage, 1873
    • Winston ChurchillBlood, Toil, Tears and Sweat, 1940
    • John F. KennedyInaugural Address, 1961
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream, 1963
    • Lyndon B. JohnsonThe American Promise, 1965
    • Ronald ReaganRemarks at the Brandenburg Gate, 1987


  • Choose four speeches from the list.
  • Write a summary paragraph for each of the four videos you chose. These need to be your own summaries. Do not copy – That’s plagiarism.
  • After each summary, ask the speaker two questions about the speech, as if the famous figure were present to answer your questions.


Save and submit your APA formatted Word document.

When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place, and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.

Grading Rubric

7 points each – 4 paragraphs with two questions each.

6 points – APA format

6 points – Edit work for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

40 points possible

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