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Animation design with 1200 to 1300 words report.

Utilizing the practical knowledge gained in your advanced 3D modeling and animation classes, plan and develop a 3D animation on any one of the following simulations by adhering to the principles of animation.

  • A racing car jumping over 10 cars placed next to each other
  1. Beside this, incorporate any one of the following natural phenomena, as special effect in the scene:
    • Cross winds
    • Rainfall
    • Snowfall

Modeling of own 3D asset is encouraged; however, you can download the 3D assets from royalty free / free stock websites in order to enhance the scene. Ensure that you provide credit to the original author at the end of the animation (in last 8 seconds). Duration of this animation should range from 40 – 45 seconds in optimal resolution (720 x 480 pixels). Assume that you are asked to demonstrate the prototype of this simulation, hence choose the renderer which shall consume minimum amount of time.

The tasks to be completed are as follows:

  1. a) Choose appropriate 3D assets and arrange them in the scene.
  2. b) Use Camera in order to show the entire sequence from different angles.
  3. c) 3D Animation sequence as per principles.
  4. d) Natural phenomena simulation
  5. e) Save the project and render the final output with MJPEG compression.
  6. f) Report that includes evaluation of principles of animation used in this assignment along with respective screenshot and various attributes of the project.

Therefore, the above Task 2 is divided in two parts

  • Animation design (a, b, c, d, e) – 60 marks
  • Report in 1200 to 1300 words (f) – 30 markso At least two principles of animations should be mapped and evaluated in the report with screenshots. (800 – 900 words)o Project attributes could include file types, renderer used, export options, number of polygons etc. (400 – 500 words)

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