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Polypharmacy Discussion


Polypharmacy is a growing concern in the current health care climate. Promoting awareness of polypharmacy and its potential consequences is incumbent upon all health professionals.

Interview a family member, friend, or patient over the age of 60 about his or her medication use. Ask them to identify all pharmacologic agents (prescription, OTC, and vitamins and supplements) they have used in the past 6 months. Question them about their knowledge of why they are taking each medication; their awareness of possible side effects; and their compliance.

In your first post:

  1. Briefly describe the person you interviewed (age, medical history, etc.) and list all drugs and supplements this person has taken in the past 6 months. Identify the drug classification of each drug listed.
  2. Analyze your subject’s knowledge about their medication use. Were their responses what you expected? Were you able to identify anything you would consider a “red flag” during this interview? Is there any education you could provide for this person about their medication use, given your scope of practice?
  3. Locate an article or study that addresses a specific issue or concern related to polypharmacy. What concerns does the source raise? What are the contributing factors? What are the suggested strategies to address this issue in our health care system? What is your analysis of this source information? Provide the link and reference to your source.

Respond to at least 2 classmates’ posts, providing feedback about their analysis, educational methods, or suggested strategies to address this issue. Your response must pose at least one question for your classmate to respond to.

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