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This final project comes from Chapter 8 in “Learning Together with Young Children” by Margie Carter and Deb Curtis (Two very passionate leaders in our field!).

I always enjoyed ending class with this chapter from their book. It reminds us that we are on this journey in our work with young children. It helps us evaluate ourselves and our purpose in this very important work that we do.

Please read the article, then follow the grading rubric below for instructions on what to write in your paper.

Grading Rubric and Writing Instructions
1) Read the Introduction by Bill Ayers. A passionate activist, Bill Ayes reminds us of our role in the lives of children. Please write what part of the introduction resounded with you, and why. 5
2) On page 205, under “Your Turn”, choose two questions to answer about finding colleagues to support your learning. 10
3) On page 206, under “Your Turn”, choose which item feels most like you, then explain why or why not you would like to make changes. 5
4) Write your reflection on “Visit Inspiring Programs” 10
5) Write your reflection on “Explore the Question WHY” 10
6) Reflect on “Take Leadership for Change”

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