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management of the healthcare organization

Reinforcement feedback and balancing feedback

The management of the healthcare organization requires a critical thinking system approach where different processes rather than analysis are used. Most of the organization requires structures to simplify the complexity of their management issues as well as to overcome or reduce any organizational resistance. Healthcare organizations are among the most complex. Thus, they require structure to ensure the role of different healthcare professionals are aware of the role they play in the entire system (Cohen et al., 2011). The reinforcing and balancing feedbacks are the processes that are found in such structures of these organizations. The two types of feedbacks are essential in ensuring that issues in the management are simplified and the roles of different healthcare professions are clear and recognized.

The reinforcing feedback involves the process where the situation is amplified and the movement is in the same direction. An action is returned to amplify what caused it. For instance, in the nursing field, there may be incentives for those who attained their goals. On the other hand, balancing feedback involves the process that is focused on stabilizing the situation and ensures that the status quo is maintained. This can best be understood if one considers the nursing processes where a certain behavior in the nursing practice is maintained and any deviance is addressed (Malloch & Porter-O’Grady, 2010). For instance, an organization might create systems to reduce errors in the administration of medication. In this context, therefore, any organization can operate with the two types of feedback because balancing feedback is focused on maintaining the status quo even when everyone wants a chance while reinforcing feedback focuses on amplifying the impact of an action.

Why it is important for an administrator to understand chaos and complexity in a health care setting

It is essential for healthcare administrators to understand chaos and complexity in the healthcare setting so that they can design an effective change strategy. This is because the healthcare organization should attain a value-based perspective and this means it must make drastic changes for it to survive as it is stated by Shiell, Hawe and Gold (2008).Healthcare organizations may also be facing pressure to change in the future. Therefore, healthcare administrators need to understand the chaos and complexity in healthcare so that they can be prepared to handle the intersecting environmental forces that will drive the transformation of healthcare delivery and financing. It will also help them to apply the best practices in the management and improvement of the healthcare organization.

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