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​Blue and Gray Outline AMH2010

​Blue and Gray Outline AMH2010

Blue and Gray Outline AMH2010

Sectionalism defined a slow fraying of the Federal Union. The last sign of the death of the Union was the secession of South Carolina in December 1860. Define two specific events that pushed the Union over the literal edge.

Event(s) The Blue and the Gray

1.Present one event from the North/Present one event from the South.

2.Please note the events need to be specific to the region.

3.Please note the event can be a historical actor, event, economic or political policy.

4.Define how the event furthered the overall Union to fracture

5.Define how the event further fractured the Union.


1.Each event must be 200 to 400 words. Please make sure that is in paragraph form.

2.Tie the event into the wider issue of sectionalism.

3.Present a possible solution to the crisis.

4.Please note only the American Promise 9th Edition can be used.

5.Have full in-text citation.

6.Have a work cited.

7.Separate the events, one paragraph for the North, one paragraph for the South.

8.No direct quotes, the analysis needs to be original and specific to the issue of sectionalism.

9.No outside sources will be allowed.

10.Please make sure that you are developing both regional events. You cannot use the Civil War, this is out of the context of the assignment, technically, so would the succession of South Carolina. Since it is the literal and of the union.

Example (Please note the example cannot be used)

South Carolina-Nullification (Please note your response needs to be in paragraph form.

1. South Carolina had the greatest number of slaves.

2. South Carolina was economically destroyed by the tariff of A.

3. State tried to nullify the law, President Jackson felt the federal Union was in peril.

4. Jackson prepared to mobilize the US.

5. State grows resentful of Union.

6. SC learns she needs more states to support her wider rebellion.

7. In 1860 SC is the first to leave the Union.

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